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Our Rapid Gallery Creator is the ideal tool for the small business owners who strive to get more online visibility. Unlike other gallery builders our product can automatically insert created galleries into existing HTML pages and URLs. This way it can be used even by the non-professionals to alter existing websites by adding search-engine friendly web galleries.

Note: The trial download provides a copy of the Standard version. To see a comparison of the Free, Lite and Standard versions click here.

Rapid Gallery Creator is a program that allows you to build web galleries easily with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Why should you use Rapid Gallery Creator?

Save valuable time by using our web gallery builder. Why spend hours resizing images and editing HTML code when you can achieve the same in just a few seconds!

Building web galleries is really easy - select the directory that holds your image files, select the directory that will hold the web gallery files, click the CREATE button and your own web gallery is ready! See the demo video.

No knowledge of HTML or CSS is required. If you just want to create a photo gallery and do not want to write complex HTML and CSS code, then Rapid Gallery Creator is the right tool.

Created web galleries are optimized to be search engine friendly which drives extra visitors to your website.

Some important features of our gallery builder software are:

Our program is the only tool on the market we know of that can directly insert newly created galleries into existing web pages. Check the demo video for an example.

Created web galleries are heavily geared towards search engine optimization. The support for multiple image descriptions, ALT texts and titles guarantees that your galleries will have enough text content and will get search engine hits. Additionally HTML pages are built in such a way that search engines will index all pages, even the popup image pages.

Gallery images can be watermarked upon gallery creation. This prevents other webmasters from stealing your copyrighted work.

Support for gallery projects. You can save your gallery project as a single file and send it to your colleagues or friends.

Many configuration options are available if you want greater control over the created web galleries. You can specify background color, number of gallery rows and columns, resize the images, choose between popup images and usual html links for the full-size images and many other options.

The program generates completely tableless, CSS-only HTML code allowing easy modification of the gallery look through external CSS files.

What do our customers say about our web gallery builder?

Having spent a great deal of time searching the internet for a tool that could nsert/embed an image gallery into an existing html web page, it became apparent that there were not that many to choose from. I discovered rapid gallery, which completely fit the bill. I was most impressed with its simplicity. Not only is it easy and quick to use but it produces such accurate results. But what really blew me away was the support. There was a little snag with my particular web page. I sent a message to rapid gallery support requesting help. I received a prompt reply and an unbelievable level of support. Within a few hours a new release of the software was made available, fixing the problem. Kudos to rapid gallery for their brilliant software and outstanding support team. Highly recommended. - Ewa Jankowska, Spain, February 2012

Not only did Rapid Gallery Creator give me that solution... But it has also allowed me to offer you images in a larger size. (Something many of you have requested). I am so very grateful to the support. For once, I wasn't told that my questions weren't in the scope of help. Thank you! - Kelly Anne (Peace Sign Clipart).

We promote local florist delivery services and have an image gallery for our content. Rapid Gallery Creator turned out to be the best tool for the job! - Flower Delivery website

Rapid Gallery Creator provided us with the opportunity to create a travel Web site with lots of pictures and within a reasonable budget. - Nitra Travel Agency

We used Rapid Gallery to create two picture galleries for our restaurant. It is the only program we know of using CSS! - Courtyard Restaurant in Yorkville

Rapid Gallery Creator allows very quick updates of our website with the latest photographs that are important to our viewers. We have searched for and tested other programs available on the net and found Rapid Gallery Creator to be most suitable for our needs. It is a great professional productivity tool. - Inekon Trams

Rapid Gallery is a simple-to-use program that cosmetic dentists should have to showcase their work. - Esquire Dental Centres

Rapid Gallery Creator is an affordable and handy application that enables you to generate fully customized, clean-looking and SEO friendly image galleries that can be used anywhere - from your local network or a CD-ROM disk to your own website... The most promising in its class. - The editors

Rapid Gallery Creator is the perfect tool for Internet marketers looking to up their web traffic through search image optimized image galleries... Best of all, Rapid Gallery Creator is the only tool available with the ability to a insert an image gallery into an already created webpage - The editors of Software Cocktail

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Note: The trial download provides a copy of the Standard version. Too see a comparison of the Lite and Standard versions click here.